Where You At?

An app and a card to help you enjoy your festival worry-free.

Date. 2019

Client. Rock n Rio

Softwares. Ai, Ps, C4D

Project team. 4 designers

Project role. Designer


WYA- Where you at was a project done during my BA. My university teamed up with Rock n Rio.
Rock in Rio is a recurring music festival that originated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It later branched out to other places such as Lisbon, Madrid, and Las Vegas.
The project was done in a group of me and three other designers.The goal was to design an object that would be given out at the entrance of the festival, but would still be useful after the festival.


My group and I designed a card thin enough to fit in a wallet and serve as a keychain. This card would function as a Bluetooth device that you could activate to find your wallet or keys if you lost them, via an app we developed that is yet to be explained. The card would be sponsored by one of the partners "Vodafone" (telecommunication company). The app called "where you at?" was developed to help people find their way around the festival more easily while keeping in touch with friends, the program, concert times, etc. In the app you can program meeting points with your friends, you can see all the concerts and where they are, where the food courts or toilets are located, etc. During the festival there will be QR codes that you can scan with the app to let your friends know you were there last in case there are any problems. You can also use the app to send notifications to your friends' phones and let them know you are looking for them.


When you enter the app, you'll be prompted to sign up and create your own Bitmoji and choose a colour so your friends can see where you are on the festival map. This is also useful outside of the festival as the map is updated on Google Maps. So people can still keep in touch with friends, check where they are, and still use it as a way to find the card in case you misplace or lost your wallet or keys.